used Steinways

Used Steinways sign en route from my car to the spellbinding exhibit of Rolling Stones photos "It's Just a Shot Away" at Taschen Gallery on Beverly Blvd.  It's up until Feb. 28, if you could have possibly missed it with the dayglo pink paint.

a few favorites of mine:

"Patience Please" - Ethan Russell, 1972

"Keith & Pug" (Beggars Banquet outtake) - Michael Joseph, 1968

"Mick Jagger in Car With Leopard, Los Angeles" - Albert Watson, 1992

also some of these photos by Dominique Tarlé from Villa Nellcôtte

building exterior, although the pink is truly unphotographable:

While in the neighborhood, I stopped by Ahead Stereo finally, to ask something I have been meaning to ask for many years: what the HECK is that weird thing on the sign? And of course, the answer is that there is no answer.

Also poked my head into the amazing Walnut Wallpaper and looked through some sample papers:

it's almost The Shining ...
... or John Waters at the Grammy Awards .. 

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