Transvestite Soup

In honor of the 40th anniversary of the Rocky Horror Picture show, I present (pieced together with the help of a friend, and a friend of a friend) the Minneapolis Uptown Theater transvestite soup audience monologue circa 1992*

Look, it's transvestite soup!
No, it's a fruit filled Life Saver
No, it's Queer-ios .. just add cum and they'll eat each other
I didn't know Frank went down on the Titanic
Sure - Frank goes down on anything
I didn't know the Titanic was a fairy boat!
I didn't know fairies had their own navy
Sure they do - it's called the Marines
God's got his finger up Frank's ass
God's got his finger up everyone's ass
I didn't know Michelangelo did pools
He doesn't! It's Andy Warhol doing a Michelangelo forgery!

(several hours later ... )


I discovered, while trying to find an apt transvestite soup still to add to this post, something much better: this, the logo for the Twin Cities RHPC shadow cast which now calls itself Transvestite Soup! I had no idea ...

For those of you who have never been to Minneapolis and have no idea what this is all about, here is a photo of perhaps the stupidest (and my favorite) sculpture of all time, "Spoonbridge and Cherry" which resides in the sculpture garden outside of the Walker Art Center:

 (if you've never been to Rocky Horror and have no idea what "transvestite soup" is all about, too bad - go to a midnight screening and come back later!)
with apologies for all the dumb gay jokes, but anyone who's been to Rocky Horror knows that they are all in good humor and it's a big gay / weirdo / theater geek fest ...