i've been laid off right before the holidaze, SAG's about to strike, virtually no one i know is working, it's rainy and desperate outside, and i feel like shit.
I feel like I've been dumped. my heart hurts, and i want to soak in a hot bath and read by candlelight.

what happened to all the frivolous stuff? i've done nothing all year but work. and think.

so i'm vowing not to work (except fun stuff, but nothing just for money) until i get hired back onto the show in january.

and i'm gonna quit saying things for awhile and post more pictures.
and i'm gonna quit thinking, and paint.
and i'm gonna quit scribbling down bands i want to get albums by, and play guitar.

and i'm gonna tear out pictures from vogue, and make clothes.
and sleep.
and drink wine.


brave new world

Invigorated by the election of Barack Obama, I’ve composed a list of things heretofore thought improbable that now might on Barack’s coat-tails seep into the realm of possibility:

1. world peace
2. total resuscitation of Walt Disney’s cryogenic head
3. life on other planets
4. global unwarming
5. a Michael Jackson comeback
6. corporate responsibility
7. a new ice age
8. a SAG / AMPTP agreement in which the actors don’t get royally screwed
9. plastic zippers that don’t break
10. resolution by the religious masses that homosexuals are actual human beings and, thus, deserve equal rights
11. affordable rent in cities that have anything worthwhile going on
12. a fountain of youth
13. arbitrary absolution of my student loans
14. more dinosaurs
15. pregnant men
16. truth in advertising
17. the second coming of Christ (or the first, really)
18. an epidemic of healthfulness
19. spontaneous reunion of all missing socks to their mates
20. poltergeists
21. abolition of internet pop-up ads
22. … and spam
23. free lunch
24. talking dogs
25. flying cars
26. bionic limbs
27. commuter hovercrafts
28. atheist rights
29. time travel
30. teleportation
31. a plausible explanation for crop circles
32. adolescent contentment
33. free flowing traffic on the 405
34. Santa Claus
35. t-shirt tags that don’t itch
36. more cowbell
37. true love