don't try this at home

... because usually you get a porn site, but I was looking for artspan (dot com) and instead typed artspan (dot org) and lo, behold, and all that jazz, I stumbled across all these fantastic bay area artists who had recently exhibited work in their open studios.

i love these! photos by Audrey Heller :

a print by Hilary Williams :

ethereal exteriors by Ivy Jacobsen :

(oil, bronzing powder, & sheet music on canvas!)

birds and horses by Lee Cline :

I'm very partial to birds and horses (being an occasional horse painter myself).. and cakes ..

cakes by Mark Katzman :

they remind me, of course, of Wayne Thiebaud. I love Thiebaud's paintings, but pictures don't really get the whole idea across. Up close, they're all shiny like cream cheese frosting and the gallery security staff pace around muttering "please do not lick the paintings." Here are some of his:

I'm posting from work as a standby painter on a movie, my posh gig for the week. I occasionally have to run to set and patch a nail hole, but otherwise am left to my own devices: paid to blog, read, write, eat catered food, and take naps.

Glamorous Hollywood! I knew I would find it someday.

Happy holidaze!
Advice for the new year: don't make any resolutions you really don't want to keep.

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