favorite stills #2

Some more TV and film stills that I like.

Return of the Secaucus Seven

Gilmore Girls: Nothing alive or gross (please)

Gilmore Girls: Rory's mug shot on the fridge

Mad Men

Pushing Daisies: Emerson knitting

Pushing Daisies

Mr. Robot: F Society

Halt and Catch Fire

Orphan Black: Felix's loft

Orphan Black

(this way to favorite stills #1)
NOTE: blogger has schmutzed with the layout so photo size can no longer be edited beyond "too small" or "falling out of frame" as far as I can figure - sorry they are so darn small.  I guess you can just go into slideshow mode and see them probably at all kinds of sizes but somewhat bigger.  Also I'm noticing a bug I noticed years ago that they evidently have not fixed, which is that sometimes photos go missing ... and but possibly only when viewed in Firefox.  Grr... hm.

There is no excuse for my not having learned to build websites by now.   Except: yawn.

Also sorry if you don't think "schmutz" should be verbed. Alternate word submissions welcomed.

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