I’m in the midst of some unforeseen character growth, or priority shuffling, that I don’t quite fathom yet.  A shedding of some kind of skin. I feel like something furry followed me home and I don’t know what to feed it or what language it speaks.

I am split in two, looking at my own things, puzzled.  interesting that she keeps this here, I think.  this might be a nice place for a vacation.

There is a moment I always love when working on a film set. Everything is warmly lit. All of the crew members have exited the scene and linger, waiting for the actors to arrive. My apartment feels exactly like this: it’s simply stunning how it evokes reality. I am about to walk in and say something.  It will sound spontaneous, but someone will have labored over its composition.

Both audience and talent, I await my own action.

(images: apostrophe hotel, paris)

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