don't quit your day jobs

my week, on fast forward:

Sunday: six mile hike in Griffith Park, at night with a head lamp .. kind of felt like lying in bed thinking about taking a hike, except I had company.

Monday and Tuesday: ten hours in the dentist's chair, with my dippy student shooting novocaine in the wrong nerve, out the other side of my gums and down my throat, etc.

Wednesday: lunch at the Alcove, spent reading all the notes in the chess table drawers (all new since I read them last .. they must periodically chuck them)


“I like alcove and I like yogurt.
Sometimes I heal and sometimes I hurt.
Life is cruel and life is sweet.
If only my food were here so I could eat.
Days go by and people move on.
I only hope that ..
Oh wait. My food is here now.”

“Even though you cheated on me w/ur sister’s best friend, I forgive you.”

“Lunch was delicious. Off to Target! –Giselle.” (deep one. Go Giselle.)

“last night sucked! Wow!”

“Who would have thought I’d become a high school teacher? I was always such a fuck-up”

“I have nothing interesting to say.” (Well, thanks for clarifying.)

“I shot myself @ work & had to go home.”

“I just texted the wrong boy the wrong message oops!”

“what is the life span of a jellyfish? I wonder if they are monogamous like penguins – do they even mate?”

“It is better to want what you can’t have than have what you don’t want.” (hear hear.)

“Dear Jamie, tonight I spill my blood, until the last drop I think of you. The whole (sic) you left I cannot fill. I cannot go on. Drew” (hope he’s kidding.)


Today: bought a car. ditched the Hawaiian seat covers pretty quick, for the record.

kind of like my old car. well, at least I know what I like.

I met this guy coming out of the subway in Long Beach.

I saw these tables

and this chair

and this window display

waiting for my mechanix to get my new car to pass smog

now I’m eating cookies.

there it is.

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