Wallis and Futuna

.... this is not actually where I am from. However, I decided after attempting "not specified" as my country several times (and when saved it reverted to Afghanistan) that I should, in fact, specify.

I've never heard of "Wallis and Futuna" but it sounds like a romantic comedy to me.
This is their flag:
And this is what Wikipedia has to say about them - or rather, it, since Wallis and Futuna is a territory in the south Pacific and not, for example, two people in a formulaic (but cute) movie who meet in a restaurant (he a patron, she a server of course, unless it's an upscale restaurant and then it would be the other way round, except she would probably not frequent the place alone as likely as be taken there by her boss for a curt business lunch which would screw up the dynamic of their meeting entirely, so ... scratch the whole thing! It's a 50's styled diner, she wears a moderately demeaning uniform, he lingers at the counter ... )

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