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  1. Even the doorknobs are fancier there! Do you think drawer pulls can be replaced with doorknobs?
    Did you know that in October 2005 there were over 4000 feeding stations in New Orleans for abandoned and feral cats? For more info see Animal Rescue New Orleans

  2. And this site has tons of information on feral cats: why they are good for communities, how to take care of them, and, most interestingly, how to tell if a feral cat has been spayed or neutered.

  3. that's all cool stuff ..
    someday I'm going to get involved with trapping ferals.

    The kitty in this post, at Cafe Beignet, had a clipped ear so may have been a former stray that adopted the cafe. She was fairly well socialized but not quite like a pet.

  4. p.s. the doorknobs were at an antique shop - you can find similar stuff anywhere, if you know where to look. But the antique shops here are unbeatable.

    I bought a chandelier.

    i've seen cabinet handles made out of old spoons that were really gorgeous. maybe a better idea than doorknobs for drawer pulls.


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