lucky things

1. saying "rabbit" on the first day of the month

It's supposed to be your first word in the morning, but I sometimes make exceptions for somnolent utterances directed at bedmates - usually cats in my case, but you can imagine your own scenario and exempt as you see fit.

My family's done this as long as I can remember, but we're all space cadets and I myself am probably batting about .100, having spaced it for years at a time. While apparently lots of people besides us do this, we might be the only ones too lazy to say it twice.

If you're not yawning, you really need to see this. Note the lilliputian people actually standing on the rabbit. If you suspect this is a hoax, I assure you it is not. well, unless that news site is also a hoax.*

2. missing a plane (accidentally, of course)

Someday a plane I miss is going to fall into the ocean. I'm sure of it.

3. midgets

I know they disturb some people. But I think they're lucky.

4. the number 13

besides: everyone knows Euclid is 13th street, the 14th floor is really the 13th, and the horse in stall 14 at santa anita park is number 13.

5. odd-eyed cats

(and other animals, and people. but especially cats)

6. thrift store clothing (or purses) with money in the pockets

7. my birthday

(especially if it falls on a friday; see number 3)

To tarot readers, it's the "double death card." Scorpio is the astrological sign associated with the death card, and the death card is the 13th card in the major arcana. The death card in tarot bespeaks change (it's less about death than rebirth; it should be the phoenix card). Remember this when puzzling over my reluctance to settle on a city, a husband, or a career.

er .. if you believe in this kind of crap.

8. getting absolutely nothing in your (snail)mailbox

(but if it's because you forgot you checked it already, that's just pathetic)

9. a bird landing on your table at a restaurant

or on you, but this never happens. also: ladybugs landing on you.
bird poop landing on you=not lucky.

10. heat lightning

11. two fortunes in a cookie

... not that I can eat fortune cookies, but who cares.
you've got to take the cookie that's pointed at you, of course. the open end. like it's going to eat you.

12. february 29

a most unusual day.
One would hope you, too, would find oddities lucky if, say, your child was born with an errant limb.

13. when the moon is visible during the day

unless there are vampires flying through it, or it's silhouetting a werewolf.

And what about bad omens?
bah. what a stupid idea.
If you dread breaking mirrors, your odds aren't good. I do it at least every seven years. I've owned a black cat. and I walk under ladders regularly.

(all that and the double death card - I'm doomed.)

By the way, searching rabbit pictures on the web is no picnic (or too much like a picnic). I kept finding rabbits in soup (and PETA ads).



  1. Some old-timey Jewish folk (or maybe it's Russian/Polish folk generally)think it's lucky for a bird to poop on you.

    I'd also add missing a bus in the "missing a plane" category because I've been known to miss a bus and then find out that it was the stinky bus. I hate the stinky bus. Even better is missing a bus and having the next bus pass the bus you missed, which is jammed full of people like the proverbial sardines. This, of course, increases the likelihood that this bus will also be the stinky bus.

    And re your last post, I'm also fond of the luck of the yard sale, at which one can often find the exact thing you were looking for even if you don't yet know you are looking for it. That's how I got my typewriter, which I shortly thereafter used to fill out triplicate forms to apply to grad school part 1. Maybe finding a typewriter is actually the part that's lucky.

  2. Sorry I had to turn on the comment moderation. I got a rhinoplasty ad as a comment.

    That bird poop thing sounds familiar, now that you mention it.

    You know the thing about the bus, right? This is for greyhound buses, but it might work on city buses too, in a pinch. There's always one really drunk person on the bus, so if you ARE that person ...

    I once asked Tim Flemming, when he called me from a bus station, if he was drunk. He said "No, but I'm not a three year old kid who plays peek-a-boo, so there will be one of those and I won't be able to sleep anyway."


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