Do I get whatever I wish for?

wish list:

• world peace; end to genocide, religious differences, starvation, global warming, child labor, all terrorist activity (including wiretapping innocent civilians’ phone lines) and death
• corporate responsibility
• neighbors remove dog’s vocal cords
• electric car
• equal rights everywhere for women, children, minorities, gay & transgendered people, and the poor
• miraculous reversal of Sly’s rapidly progressing cancer
• clean air in Los Angeles
• bottomless trust fund
• health insurance

... and it only gets shallower after that.

This cracks me up. I think they're listening to the rain.

F. Childe Hassam - Rain Storm, Union Square, 1890

Gustave Caillebotte - Rue de Paris; Temps de Pluie, 1877

Monet - The Walk, Woman With a Parasol, 1875

happy 13th. one month till my birthday.


  1. Five cats lying on a well-dressed bed listening to rain is far from shallow. If I were one of them hippy-spiritual feminists I'd say something about communion with nature. Since I'm not, I'll say something instead about the juxtapositions in the photograph that reveal the importance of the feline as a non-spectatorial participant in human cultural production; rather than observing human images from subject-positions which derive from the hegemony of patriarchal object-subject dichotomies, the presence of the cats on the apparently luxurious bed, and their ignorance (ignoring) of their human photographer reveals their certainty of entitlement to the material existence which is problematically questioned by post-modernist theorists. The cats' self-obvious materiality outside of/ignorant of subject/object dichotomizations reveals the humanocentric figurations of abstract theoreticizations of materiality, materialism, and subjectification. Rather, their ignorance of the observer/subjectifier reveals the certainty of their assumption of the right to a luxurious existence amidst the bed-dressings, thus asserting an identity that assumes (recognizes the reality of) materiality and rejects the dichotomies that are of such concern to postmodern theorists.

    And that's how you know I'm in grad school.

  2. haha ... I meant the wish list only gets shallower after that, which makes this even funnier to me.


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