But what I really want to do is direct ...

Rebecca posted a link to this awesome dresser from a NY Times home & garden slide show and now I want to paint every drawer in my house a different color.

and from the same slide show, another great chair

and some fantastic wallpaper

I like the bits that are just outlined but not colored in. I did a commercial a few years ago (I don't remember what for, obviously) and we had to decoupage all these peacocks all over the walls, and the end effect was kind of like that wallpaper. Wallpaper is one of those things that I generally don't like (except that ancient hotel damask kind of stuff - see below) .. but that's gorgeous.

Of course, now that I've said that (about not liking wallpaper) I'm probably going to spend the next hour google image searching damask wallpapers instead of working on my screenplay.

Here's a nice one, which looks a lot like my old livingroom walls (which I carved out a stencil for and painted, but at the moment can't find a photo of) at the Creamery in Oakland.

this looks more like it, actually:

the decor's a bit feisty, but check out the hot red wall which would look much better in a bordello

... a ceiling!

and a great dead animal interior ..
I like dead animal interiors, even though I prefer animals alive.

Here's some stuff that inspired me to paint my apartment.

Honeydukes (candy store in Harry Potter flix):

and ... click here for a virtual tour of the shop - much cooler than that picture.

apartment pictures next time.

scene sequence here I come ...


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