haute cats

I'd love it more if she was eating a sandwich, but I love this picture of Kate Moss ("Kate's Flat, 1993" by Corinne Day, recently part of the Face of Fashion exhibit at the National Portrait Gallery, London)

and this dinosaur being menacing toward some shoes amuses me (from a kate spade ad)

look - it's in vogue to be a cat lady! haha .. right on the "haute stuff" page .. although I don't condone those fluffy cats with the squished faces

finally something to do with all these photos I hoard .. maybe I'll make scanner collage art.

going to post pictures of my new(ish) apartment soon, for those of you unlikely to visit, and a million things that inspired me to paint it .. for now some photos of chairs that I really like:

I really love this one but try to imagine it without the sullen girl:

I like this whole scene - the lamp and chair in the background are
just pictures pasted to the wall (good idea to steal)

lazy sunday. off to breakfast (at 1 pm)

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  1. I'm thinking about doing this

    to some furniture, though instead of black I may use tinfoil. Or maybe black and some big huge costume jewelry. No Buddha-head tho.


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