If you really want to hear about it

The Scientologists are gardening.

I had lunch at the Alcove today. There was another great chair.

and some old vintage suitcases

I sat at the chessboard table, and in the little drawers in the side of the table, where you’d expect to find chess pieces, instead there were all these little notes that people left. Some gems:

“I’m in love with the woman seated across from me – I want to squeeze her Hungarian bunny cakes!”

“Sleepy, lazy Saturday – suits the Alcove with an old friend. Well, not “old” – we’re more like fine wine. Fine wine that doesn’t admit she’s 33.”

“Dear God (Yes you .. the one reading this)
There are people out there starving + here I am eating a fat piece of banana cake. I need it more than they do cause my body has expanded + those starving people don’t have any room in their stomach. Isn’t it better that I eat? Forgive me for all the sins I caused. I will go w/ a salad next time. And God if you can’t make me skinny make everyone else fat!
- Amen, fat person sitting alone”

“You don’t love me, you just love my doggy style. Ha!”

“OMG!! I’m getting my nose job tomorrow morning. I’m so scared!”

“T and Spiff thank Yelena for being here after selling her clothes to buy her meal. She’ll never know what she wrought.”

“A wet duck never flies at night.”

“Marrianne wouldn’t let me eat her croissant sandwiches today ... so I’m here eating a vegan wrap. I want to kick her.”

“My sister is pregnant but I’m not supposed to tell anybody – so I told everybody @ work.”

“So I met this girl randomly at the Bourgeouis Pig (if I can’t spell it, it’s due to my lack of being one ...)”

“I was having such a bad day today. These notes made me feel so much better when I discovered them. Thank you to all the people who take the time to think, reflect, and pass it on to others ...” and then in a different pen: “You need to get laid!”

... just when you think everything’s ok, someone has to go and write a FUCK YOU ...

but this is my favorite:

“You are so off my top 8!”

On the way home I bought a story from a homeless guy for a dollar. It has a ball point pen and crayon illustration of of some famous Hollywood landmarks on the front cover.

Here are some pictures of my apartment.

the entryway

the bedroom

decoupage wall

old newspapers from the 40s and 50s I found perfectly preserved
under some floorboards when Dave revamped his apartment

walk in closet that I've made into a dressing room

the art that is the bathroom walls

and the very tiny bathroom itself


mantel mirror, which looks quite nice
over the piano (since I don't have a mantel)

(digression) this is my mom's mantel mirror, which inspired me to seek one out
(and which she actually has over a mantel)

and the rest of my living room

I haven't painted everything yet, since I thought I was moving again (but now I'm not) so more photos sometime down the road.

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