pig passwords

When I lived near the Bourgeois Pig, they used to change their wifi password every couple days or so, and it was always something pig or pork related, but it quickly became clear to me that they were short on ideas.  So I brought them a list:


piggy in the mirror (a cure song)
pig in the city (you know, “Babe”)
this little piggy (went to market)
hogs and quiches (groan)
high on the hog
hog is my co pilot
my karma ran over your hogma
hoggy notion
egg hog (for Christmas)
pig newtons
the pig is up
pig fucking deal
pig man on campus
pig latin
piggest loser
pig trouble in little china (my favorite!!)
pig brother (is watching)
pig bang theory
the pig lebowski
pig star (with Alex Chilton!)
three hog night
diamond hogs
reservoir hogs
hog day afternoon
beware of hog
hair of the hog (that bit you)
hoggy style
war pigs
Yule hog

I think I amused one or two employees who I was friendly with, but not the perpetually unamused owner (who I shall allow to remain anonymous) who seems to dislike me and may even have put the kibosh on the K8 pig passwords as he did my desire to show my artwork at the Pig.  Not to be thwarted, I returned with another list:

more SWINE PASSWORD IDEAS for the Bourgeois Pig, by K8.

i love new pork
escape from new pork
new pork state of mind
gangs of new pork
pork authority
new pork stories
lipstick on a pig
swine flu
new pork’s alright (if you like saxophones) 
kiss meets the phantom of the pork  (!!!!)
pork avenue
central pork
griffith pork
golden gate pork
south pork
pork and mindy
jurassic pork
la brea tar pigs
natalie porkman
porks and recreation
valet porking
porking ticket
porking permit
parallel porking
porking lot
pork and ride
porking meter
rock star porking
duchess of pork
black swine
red red swine
swinestone cowboy
stop bacon sense
the bacon of pelham 1 2 3

Welp, these days they print out a meaningless cluster of letters & numbers that lets you log in for an hour and a half or something, then you have to go buy another cup of coffee.  Fair enough.  I did once bring my laptop to watch the Millennium Trilogy there.  The Swedish version.  I'm to blame for all of this, I'm sure.

I did not, however, steal the gold pig.

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