subscribers? this post is for you. It's boring ... but it has a photo of Hoxton Street Monster Supply



so unfortunately this is happening

oh, that's very small. It says EMAIL SUBSCRIPTION SERVICE WILL BE DISCONTINUED JULY 2021. If you're getting emails when I post, you won't be getting them anymore, effective anytime now.

there's a way to download your subscriber list but blogger doesn't adequately tell me where to find it (maybe I'll figure this out but I haven't yet) and I really like just having a widget that does all this for me. I'm no tech wiz. I sometimes think I have brains, but I can't remember anything, can't ever figure out tech issues, have no sense of direction, don't know how to hook up anyone's tv and can't make any sense of human beings so what's the brain for? Maybe it holds my skull in place?

I did promise a photo of Hoxton Street Monster Supply. Here it is. Go pay it a visit if you're ever in London*

"Customers are politely requested to refrain from eating the staff"

 * hint about next post


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