Zarvis bum oil

Recently I was looking myself up online and I came across an article extolling the virtues of Zarvis bum oil.  I typed "Zarvis art" and "Zarvis bum oil" came up.

That's right. The price has gone up and they seem to be calling it something else these days, but here's the magic stuff, if the Daily Mail can be relied on. They tell us it's for massaging babies, which may be why they took the "bum" out of the title; but the Daily Mail also tell us we should be pummeling our buttocks, so they may just vulgarize everything, or possibly "bum oil" and "baby massage oil" are interchangeable terms in England.  Wait - here I've found an American reference to "bum oil" (warning: accompanying pic of diaper rash possibly NSFW, um ... you decide) and a shop actually called "Magic Bum Baby."

what is this illustration? snowman bum?

G-rated bum oil search results:

Are these Zarvis London people relatives of mine? 

I hope so, because A. bum oil, and B. they have that initials piled together thing that looks really fancy and I'm sure that someone in the extended family must have me in their will and I'll get a call any minute now from an estate executor who has been going bananas jetsetting all over the globe looking for me.  And I will either get: the first dollar ever made from bum oil, framed, or a castle in Scotland.

like someone else who sells bags that cost more than my rent

Gossip Girl season 6, ep 1:
Rufus: Lily, what are you doing here? I thought you and Bart were circling the globe on an 80 foot yacht.
Lily: Well, the yacht was 110 feet, and most people who’ve actually been on one call it a boat.

Likewise, people who've been all over the globe probably don't use the word "jetsetting." So when you come back and see that I have struck out all occurrences of that word (which is probably just the one) you'll know that I have finally made it.

I'll bet that this is the first time YSL and "bum oil" have appeared together in print.
"Pummeling buttocks" and "estate executor."
"80 foot yacht" and "NSFW."  Well, maybe not that one.

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