yeah, and i also sometimes drive down the highway blasting ABBA

I think the female equivalent of looking at porn online is surfing for kitten pictures. And shoes. I don’t seem to be the only woman who does this, and feels a little uncomfortable about it, like it’s a bad habit for which I should consider seeking help.

Even if diving into the shallow end of the pool (kittens, youtube parodies, porn) is a defense mechanism, maybe an avoidance of thinking about politics or unemployment or what’s going on with the bees, it sure has gotten popular.

To wit, yesterday’s most emailed New York Times article: “When the icing on the cake spells disaster”

The article is about a blog / book called “Cake Wrecks.”

Cake wrecks are exactly what they sound like.
When you say “write ‘congratulations,’ as small as possible” and the icer writes “Congratulations as small as possible” on the cake.

or you have a lisp.

... or something.

For example. Someone collects these photos tirelessly and publishes them. Just to be that jerk who laughs at the idiot cake icer. And because no matter what amuses you, there is an online community for it.

Also I discovered steampunk cakes, which should help you crawl out of the dark cakewrecks hole I just led you into.  I don't know what gold icing tastes like, but we have all eaten blue, so how bad could it be?

Isn’t it wonderful that all the punk rockers have grown up and started careers, like making children’s television shows with rock bands on them .. and .. icing cakes?

well, on to the cats, which I may not have mentioned. they are wearing WIGS.

the iphone app (99 cents! what a bargain. you can’t even buy 99 swedish fish for that anymore)

book blurb from Bobcat Goldthwait:

“Little animals in clothes have always brought me a lot of joy but kitty wigs?! Holy crap! I felt like a star-bellied sneetch. Why are kitty wigs so awesome? It's simple: cats play it straight. They don't lean on the joke. They get it. Cats are the Buster Keatons of the animal kingdom.”

Bobcat and his cat Peeps something or other

a couple of my Buster Keatons, apped out:

(cat wig photos from the cat wigs website and facebook page; cake wreck photos from cake wrecks; steampunk cakes made by sprinkles custom cakes, clever cake studio, and the cakery)

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  1. I could never do SteamPunk fashion, though I love it. I do think I could partake in a SteamPunk cake.

    Or how about this SteamPunk Keyboard:



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