i've been laid off right before the holidaze, SAG's about to strike, virtually no one i know is working, it's rainy and desperate outside, and i feel like shit.
I feel like I've been dumped. my heart hurts, and i want to soak in a hot bath and read by candlelight.

what happened to all the frivolous stuff? i've done nothing all year but work. and think.

so i'm vowing not to work (except fun stuff, but nothing just for money) until i get hired back onto the show in january.

and i'm gonna quit saying things for awhile and post more pictures.
and i'm gonna quit thinking, and paint.
and i'm gonna quit scribbling down bands i want to get albums by, and play guitar.

and i'm gonna tear out pictures from vogue, and make clothes.
and sleep.
and drink wine.

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